‘My father had a disease.’

“My father had a disease. He had sniffed a lot of cement dust when he was doing construction work.

The morning before he died, there was a narcotics team who came to ambush our neighbour’s house, who was a drug dealer. My late father was looking at them. They didn’t come up to our house because they had searched our house before and they didn’t find anything. They messed up our stuff at home and my mother asked them to tidy up all our stuff.

In the evening, my father took a bath with a lot of water. He asked us all to gather around that night. We were a little confused. My brother who was working was not home yet and he had always come home around midnight. We didn’t tell him anything yet.

My father was sleeping the whole time, then suddenly when my sister was looking at him, she passed out…. When she woke up she cried and we all cried. When he died, his feet seemed longer, his nose looked sharper and his body was calm. When we were closing his eyes, my brother finally reached home. He didn’t get to see our father before he died. he was so angry at us for not telling him, and was also angry at himself.”

Sonny, 13, Suluk