‘I was scared because there was a crocodile.’

“I went to the Philippines when I was younger. We met all the families. We spent one week in Tawi-Tawi, one week in Bongao, and another in Zamboanga. We repeated the same thing over and over again. On our last day there before we came back to Malaysia there was a crocodile. Our boat was small and wooden but we had to take it because we had missed the real boat. The water was clear but I was scared because there was a crocodile.

It was very big. It looked like a log. I threw something on it and when it started moving I noticed that it was a crocodile. The crocodiles there were usually shot, because there was one time that a crocodile had got onto a boat and had eaten a little child.”

Sonny, 13, Suluk

‘I came with my uncle and aunt in a boat.’


“My parents came here to earn money. In Adonara [Indonesia], only those who went to a university would be able to find a good job, and those who did not would have to settle for farming work. So they came here to be more than that.”

Emanuel, 16

‘They came here to earn money.’